Synthetic Cell Technology

Wintersemester (Blockvorlesung)
Art Zeit Ort Dozent
Block course LSF  tba Dr. Lado Otrin und Dr. Nika Otrin
Lecture Language: English. 
Audience: Biosystemtechnik, Medizintechnik, Molekulare Biosysteme

  • Basic knowledge on biological engineering
  • Introduction to cells
  • Introduction to SynBio
  • Top-down and bottom-up SynBio approaches
  • Discussion on the abstraction of “life” and “living matter”, defining characteristics of living matter
  • Modular design and bottom-up construction of artificial cells and organelles
  • Analysis of the existing state-of-the-art functional modules and organelles facilitating compartmentalization, energy regeneration, metabolic conversions, growth, division, signaling and motility of artificial cells
  • Augmentation of biological material with synthetic building blocks (polymers, nanoparticles, catalysts, etc.)
  • Introduction to essential technologies and methodologies related to the construction of artificial cells (preparation of various compartments and encapsulation, membrane fusion, reconstitution of membrane proteins, microfluidics, etc.)


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