Process Systems Engineering

Winter semester
Type Time Place Lecturer
V; 2 SWS
Ü; 1 SWS
PSE Team
  • Bachelor-level knowledge of mathematics, chemistry and physics
  • Introduction: Aims, concepts, terms and definitions
  • Balancing: General form, measures, balances for mass, concentration, energy
  • Constitutive equations: Reaction kinetics, heat transfer, thermodynamics
  • Classification: Process variables & parameters, state space notation of models
  • Numerics: Solution of steady state and transient processes
  • Stability: Properties of dynamic linear systems: solution, eigenvalues, stability
  • Phase plane analysis: Classification of equilibria (of linear systems)
  • Non-linear systems: State space model, linearization
  • Laplace transformation: Basic idea, definition, examples
  • Analysis of different systems: System response, transfer function
  • Block diagrams: for different set-ups: series, parallel, recycle
  • Spatially distributed systems: Mass and energy balances


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