Electrochemical Process Engineering

Type Time Place Lecturer
V; 2 SWS
Ü; 1 SWS
LSF LSF Dr.-Ing. habil. Tanja Vidakovic-Koch
The lecture conveys physicochemical and engineering basics of electrochemical process engineering (EPE). In the first part fundamentals of EPE including electrochemical thermodynamics and kinetics, transport phenomena, current distribution and electrochemical reaction engineering will be discussed. In the second part typical applications of electrochemical technologies like electrolysis processes and electrochemical energy sources will be reviewed. Finally, electrochemical fundamentals of corrosion, as well as corrosion prevention and control will be explained. The lectures will be followed by experimental laboratory courses which should contribute to a better understanding of the theory part.
  • Basic knowledge in chemistry and physical chemistry
  • Mass and heat transport
  • Chemical reaction engineering
  • Introduction (Fundamental laws, Figures of merit, Cell voltage)
  • Basics of electrochemistry (Ionic conductivity, Electrochemical thermodynamics, Double layer, Electrochemical kinetics)
  • Mass transport (Diffusion, Migration, Convection)
  • Current distribution (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
  • Electrochemical reaction engineering ( Electrolyte, Electrodes, Separators, Reactors, Mode of operation)
  • Electrolysis (Chlor-alkali electrolysis, Organic electrosynthesis, Electroplating)
  • Electrochemical energy sources (Batteries, Supercapacitors) and Corrosion and its control


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