Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg


Micro Process Engineering

Summer semester
Type Time Place Lecturer
V; 2 SWS
Ü; 1 SWS
to be announced   Andreas Voigt
  • Basic knowledge in process engineering and physics
  • The engineering approach to micro structures: Why? How? What?
  • Calculation and simulation of mass and heat transport in micro structures:
    Rigorous simulation vs. classical use of dimensionless numbers
  • Design and layout of micro heat exchangers, mixers and reactors
  • Influence of surface forces: Capillary forces and wettability
  • Established concepts for micro structured apparatuses:
    "Science and the µ-community" vs. real industrial experiences
  • Design and scale-up of processes using micro structured apparatuses
  • "Real life" experiences from scientific and industrial applications:
    Do’s and Don’ts and "How to come to industrial scale production plants"
  • Actual practical limits of micro structures and recent developments


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